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Beautiful Beeba!

Jayden is on the move most of the time so getting great shots of him are harder. But, when he was Brooklyn's age, he was a poser. Brooklyn is the perfect age to snap some photos...

Great America...

One of the awesome things about where we live is Great America. Now, the "locals" don't think is is that great, but I moved to the area so I think it is pretty neat. I remember in high school, it was a big deal to come to great america the day after prom. Now, I get to take my kids whenever we can (and when I have extra help) because we have a season pass. Thanks Joan for helping! We had fun!

Happy Birthday, Jayden and Brooklyn!

We LOVE our friends and family! I do not know where we would be without them! We have always known we were blessed with the people in our lives but now, even moreso, we realize how important PEOPLE are for us. Jayden and Brooklyn THRIVE in community. They begin to light up when there are multiple people that they know around. It is different with strangers, at least for Jayden, he is a bit more shy now. But get him around friends and family and he comes alive. Thank you, that is the best gift you can give a mother...I couldn't ask for a better moment to enjoy. I love more than anything, watching Jayden run around, laughing and smiling. I love watching Beeba be passed around the room, and loving everyone she is with. I don't have to worry when family is around. My children are loved.

We did the traditional "pool" party, cake, pizza, and hang out.....I love that relazed format for their parties which I started at Jayden's 1st birthday. The weather was perfect and the day went smooth. I am so grateful for the little things now! Thank you, Sanfilippo, for that! (everything else still sucks about you though :)

So, here's to another wonderful year of memories!


Please help...

I received this e-mail from a friend at church...if you have a minute, we would love your help! It is something that I think is an awesome option for childcare! THERE IS ONLY ONE DAY LEFT SO DO IT TODAY!

I know you have alot of contacts... I was wondering if you could help a friend. Shelly McCarthy was a lady who came to MOPS for a couple of years. During that time, her husband was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Last year he passed away. Shelly seems to be doing fairly well as she has returned to school (I think to be an MRI tech). She has an au pair to help with her twin boys (they are 4 or 5 years old). Anyway, the au pair agency is holding a contest with the grand prize being significant towards the cost of next year's au pair. Here's where the help comes in... anyone can go to the website (, create a log in, and vote every day for Shelly's family. If you and your friends/family would be willing to do this, it would be great! There's just under two weeks left of voting and Shelly is falling behind. Thanks much!Robyn Ondo


Jayden is home!

Sorry this took so long! Jayden is home as of Friday and is doing well! We came home to a welcome party! Ang Kat and Kate cleaned our home and Sarah and the kids,GG Bea and Ama and Bubba joined the celebration!

He is doing really well and almost back to the old Jayden. He was sore in the belly for a few days which he was carefully walking, not standing up the entire way, but even that is better now!

We are thrilled to be home and thank you again for all your prayer and support! We are so grateful!

Beeba is turning 1 tomorrow! We are so proud of our little girl! The best part about her is her spirit. She is such a happy easy, baby! However, I think I passed down her spunk as her new knickname is little firecracker! She knows what she wants for sure!

We are celebrating Jayden and Brooklyn's Birthday Saturday, July 17 from 2-5. Everything with Jayden happened so invitations are a little fuzzy. So, everyone is invited if you want to come! We are just hanging out at our house with pizza, cake and fun backyard things to do. Kids bring suits and adults bring a chair.

If you are thinking about what to get for Brooklyn and Jayden, please don't feel like you have to do all have already done so much for us! However, I will mention that we are buying a swingset for them. We love getting them things that they will enjoy for years to come. Last year, Jayden got a powerwheel. If you would like your gift to be the swingset, that would be one option. We would love for it to be from all their friends and family, but again, this is just one option. Brooklyn loves books and Jayden loves all things boy-trucks, tools, and bob the builder and handy manny. I have to be honest and say our home is overflowing with toys! So-again, they will not miss a gift if you would rather not get one. Any money that they get will go towards the playset or into their savings account....we are still saving for college!

All that to say we love all of you, thank you for following our family and being touched by our children. They are truly a gift in every way!



I miss my Beeba! She is with Andrea. We are excited to all be together soon! Thank you to Joan, Ken, Chad, Jill, Gladys, Nana Sherry, Papa Steve, Sarah Kinney, Heidi Habel, Andrea Bercos, and probably many others that have helped take Brooklyn while we have been here!

My little girls is walking now and turning 1 in a few days! I hate missing her and being away for so long at a time but know she has been in great hands!