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a rainy day

last week gave me a taste of what winter will be like with 2. we were trapped indoors so we made cookies and Ama (our saving grace) came over to help!

the rock star of the family

Jayden likes to chat with nana and papa in Rockford...and papa is helping him become a rock star so every chance he gets, he likes to update papa on his progress. He is thinking of getting a peddlers licence and working the streets!


our trip to MO...

We try to get down to Missouri to enjoy Table Rock Lake as much as we can. Jut's Aunt Sue has a beautiful home on the lake and his parents built a guest home above her was a great family vacation! The drive was a bit long (about 10-12 hours with kiddos) but they both did GREAT! (Even we were shocked!). Jayden had no fear boating, jet skiing, tubing, swimming and fishing!


Brooklyn's one month photo shoot

I know...torture....

Our visit to Elmhurst

Our dear friends, the Henry's, moved to Elmhurst a few weeks ago and Jayden, Brooklyn and I took a trip down to visit! We had so much fun playing and getting a tour of their new house! Then, Aunt Katie helped Ali and Jayden make their own pizzas! Finally, we went downtown (uptown Elmhurst) and had ice cream! Thanks for a fun day!


Lambs Farm and Kenosha

Joan and I decided to venture out with the kiddos for a day at Lambs farm. It really is perfect for kids Jayden's age. The day before we ventured up to Kenosha and went to the Kenosha History Center, rode the street car, and had lunch at Andrea's, Yum!

A normal Saturday morning

The fam on Saturday morning...

5 years!

If you can believe it, Justin and I have been married for 5 years as of August 7! We spent the evening with Jut's cousin, Sarah, and old friends at our old stomping ground, the Tropics. It was a great night and Saturday we are going out for a nice dinner at the Cheesecake Factory!


the pool with dad

Jayden and took Jut to his last day of free swim on Saturday. It was cold and rainy but Brayden was there so it was fun!

the 5k run

Jut (and Jayden) participated in an alumni cross country race to raise money for Zion HS cross country team. With little training, Jut took 7th with a time of 19:36. His grandpa Bakken sponsored he and his uncle Bruce in the race. Jayden earned a ribbon for his participation in the kids race. He took 5th place riding on Jut's back :)