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Music and Background

YAY! I figured out (thanks Ashley) how to get music on my blog! I also changed the background! If you need to stop the music go to the bottom of the page and hit pause or choose a song on the playlist!

Our Fort

I believe every child deserves a fort! Today I wasn't feeling great and we canceled our plans with our cousin Sarah and stayed in our PJ's today. So, I thought what better way to be entertained....let's build a fort! It was Jayden's first fort so he didn't really understand that you can't pull on the sheets, but overall, he had a blast and really loved crawling through it!


the nursery is DONE minus Brooklyn!

Well, finally we are done with the room. I began nesting early, given my previous bed rest experience and this being the first time I could actually do a nursery BEFORE a baby. Last time we were living at Ken and Joan's and building our house. I posted a bunch of pics and video. We couldn't have put this together without the help and love of our friends and many thanks (and paybacks) are in order. Mark Hoffman hung the trim in record speed, Stef's folks purchased the bedding and changing cover to get us started and the "LOVE" blocks (which I used for color inspiration), Jut's folks bought us the two bookshelfs and Uncle Chad put them together. Jut and I painted...but thanks to him for being patient while I obsessed with finishing and thanks to Jayden for being such a sport as we worked on the room. He slept the entire time so we could paint! He also hammered some stuff...I don't exactly know what.....
And last but not least, did you see the girls collection of shoes and clothes?! Well thanks to some terrific ladies, Katie Henry and Sarah Kinney, Brooklyn will probably never wear the same outfit twice! Talk about beautiful hand me downs! They have some of the best dressed girls in the world and now Brooklyn be stylin too! Friends and family are such a blessing and we are so thankful for all the help and prayers!
Now, we are just waiting the arrival of our little girl!



That's right, folks! I am offically 7 months or 28 weeks! Doc says everything is looking good and that is great news! The nursery pics are coming soon...we almost have it all done! My friend Andrea is doing a week of gratitude and it got me thinking how greatful I am for life and everyone around me! It's overwhelming sometimes when I really think how great God's blessings are!


The Park

Friday was finally a nice day in a long time. We had the opportunity to get outside with friends and enjoy Bowen Park.


Bye Bye Daddy!

Every morning there is a tradition that we wave bye to Dad when he goes to work...I just think it is so sweet!

27 weeks!

Believe it or not, Brooklyn is 27 weeks and I am still vertical! No bed rest yet! I am dealing with the results of pregnancy...shortness of breath, hugeness, waddling, ...did I mention hugeness...Anyway, you know its good when you start counting baskwards...I only have 13 more weeks!

Happy Easter!

This Easter we made the drive out to Rockford and had a great time! The little boy in the picture is Isaiah. He's about two months older than Jayden. They had an easter hunt with ball decorated eggs. How much fun!


Handy Jay dee!

Jayden is really into Bob the Builder and Handy is Jayden helping Uncle Chad and Daddy hang shelfs in the laundry room! Thanks Uncle Chad for your help (and patience with Jayden!)


Aunt Sarah was so kind to take Jayden this week when we didn't have a sitter, so we gladly returned the favor and had Cole and Elle over Friday night! They were so much fun! Thanks Aunt Sarah!