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The great outdoors

At the hint of warmer weather, Jayden begins to itch to go outside! He is an outdoors man thru and thru! And really, the weather doesn't matter! Here are some of his first "spring" pics!


23 Weeks

"Brooklyn" is now 23 weeks! Jut has finally broken down and Brooklyn it is! We are still working on a middle name....

Timber Ridge

This weekend we had a great time celebrating Jut's grandparents, Bud and Bea Bakken's, 60th wedding anniversary! I can only hope to be as happily married, celebrating our 60th with all my kids, their kids, and my great grandchildren! We really admire their marriage and look up to them very much! All 25 of us went to Timber Ridge water park in Lake Geneva and really loved being there. Jayden enjoyed the water and all the basketball!


It's a....

...GIRL!!! Everything looks great right now. She is breech at the moment but still plenty of room to move around so Dr.s are not concerned about that yet! We are so happy!