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Chuckie Cheese!

Another Saturday trapped indoors....we decided to take Jayden and meet his cousins Cole and Elle at Chuckie Cheese! What a fun time!


baby news at 20 weeks

Wednesday, March 4 at 3:30 is our ultrasound to find out what the baby is...boy or girl? Whatever it is, it keeps kicking me!


We always love getting together with our friend NE-NE (Christine)!!!! Jayden just LOVES her! The video is of them dancing to their own beat!


jayden at work

Here's Jayden and Daddy hard at work!

jayden 2 1/2

Thought this was a cute pic!

chillin' outdoors

Last weekend it was so nice we thought we would spend the day outside! It almost felt like spring!


Last minute Thursday, Jut, Jayden, and I got free Bulls tickets. We rushed down to the game and had incredible seats for Jayden and mommie's first game! Then, on Saturday, Jut got free tickets to the Blackhawks game and actually caught a puck during the game! What a fun time!

more baby #2 we are at 16 weeks! I am starting to feel the baby move and am finally looking pregnant instead of just fat! I am 18 weeks and counting down the ultrasound! So far, I am doing well!