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Emily...a great new seat!

Here's Emily and Jayden enjoying some much needed Handy Manny!

Grandpa Bolling

Look no further! We have found out where Jayden get's his size...Stefanie's dad, Grandpa Bolling!

my newest cleaner!

Ladies-get ready...a man in the making that loves to clean! What a big helper!

an early birthday present!

Given the fact that Jayden's birthday is in July, we thought he would enjoy a FULL summer with his present...a Ford F-150! He loves it!


31 weeks

Here we go! Getting bigger as we speak! this week Brooklyn is 31 weeks and next week I will be 8 months! Wow! Dr. also isn't happy with me being 30% thinned in my cervix so I am takin it easy as you can with a toddler!

feeding the geese

Jayden and I were board today so we decided to feed the Zion ducks/geese. They are psycho! They were chasing us and we were scared they would eat us! We left and went to the park instead!


Go White Sox!

Every baseball season, there seems to be lots of competition between Cubs and White Sox fans. We, as the boyce crew, are declaring publically our loyalty to the White Sox! In lew of our friends blog, who have lots of Cubs stuff on it, we thought it was time to make a stand!

jut and stef

here is a pic of jut and i on mother's day...


jayden muddy

here is a taste of spring...Jayden after digging and playing with dirt...

you can't tell but Uncle Johnny made him rub his hair so there is dirt in it too...

Prom King Runs in the family

Well, I went to Zion's prom on Saturday...I had two dates, Katie and Rian :) We went to see Tanner hand off his crown to Tyler! Salt and Pepper are so cute!