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Miller Park Zoo

This past Saturday, I went to Bloomington, IL to have a day of fun at the zoo with other MPS families. It was a 6 hour road trip with Brooklyn, but I have to say, it was was a great drive! The families are wonderful. They meet a need in me that no one else can. They get it because they live it. Now, granted, all the families, with the exception of one, only have 1 child with MPS and have other healthy children. Now, that really doesn't matter because they still understand living with a child with MPS, but, what they don't hear ins "times 2" whenever I think of our future. In the moment, that doesn't matter either, but, reflecting back....I see myself not relating to a degree to the challenges of having a "normal" child and raising them in the world of Sanfilippo. One of our friends daughters, who is almost 6, had a hard time being around some of the other kids and didn't understand. I can't imagine how hard it is to navigate Sanfilippo AND "normal". You constantly have a foot in each world at the same time. To my friends-I don't understand, but will do my best to try. I guess that is what we do, right? Try to support one another cause Sanfilippo is dark alone.
All that to say, thank you to all the families there, for sharing and being so welcoming. We loved being there and meeting you. Thank you Melissa and family. I loved our time together. Kelly-always you are my comfort. Tara and family, what a joy to finally meet the entire crew. And especially Val-Thank YOU for working so hard and doing this for us! Your entire family is so wonderful. Thank you! You do Sanfilippo with grace and a smile and it is so refreshing! And all the other families, thank you again.

Summer Fun

As fall is creeping through our windows...I reflect back to some great Summer memories that didn't make it up here yet. These are the moments that make me love life so much.

Photos with my kids are hard enough...add three more, and it spells chaos! But, we tried!

Aquatic Center
Aunt Rian and Cousin Lucy invited Joan, Stef, and the kids for a day in the sun! Jayden even went down the big kid tube slide and the medium kid's slide!

What an honor it was to be a part of Kat and Kate's accomplishment of finishing a the rain! Way to go girls....and Justin and Jason, too! Man-I love our friends!

Backyard fun
Sarah, Joan, Cole and Elle Bea came over to play some baseball in the backyard. I loved that day!

Racine Zoo
Sarah and I ventured out to the Racine Zoo with the kids and had a great time!


The last time we went to Missouri, we came home to Jayden's hospital stay. To say the least, we had to go back (flying this time) and have a true Missouri visit. We went at the beginning of the month with Ama and Bubba, and our dear friend Angie Devore. We had a great time and dare I say, relaxing! Jayden and Brooklyn went on the boat and Jet ski, the ladies went to the Shanghai Circus, and we spent lots of time at the Wal-Mart playground...I know, it IS Missouri! The ladies also went shopping, one day with the guys and kids in the pouring rain! I even tried tubing for the first time with Ang! Jut tried paddleborading and Brooklyn tried watermelon.

We had a great visit with Justin's wonderful Aunt Sue! Laughter is so good for the soul and many hands make the load a little less heavy. Thank you-for all your love and help, family!