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The pool... was a hot day today! Jayden's friend, Brayden joined us at the pool, concert in the park, and McDonalds! What a fun, hot day!

mommy 36 weeks

here is a comparison of pregnancies...same dress. jayden was about 35 weeks of me by the brick and the one by the porch is 36 1/2 with Brooklyn...
So far, I am effaced a bit and dialated 1 cm as of last week...This wednesday I will be 37 weeks.


Zompton Carnival

Gotta LOVE Nostalgia Days in good ole' Zion! At the very least, Jayden had a blast riding the rides...alone on some for the first time!


Brooklyn's Sprinkle

A huge thanks to all who came and especially Sarah, Katie, Rian, and Joan for helping put such a lovely sprinkle together! I couldn't have done it better if I tried. It was the best sprinkle EVER! Kate, I need pics if you have any!


For the last 9 months I have had the awesome opportunity to be in Vantage Point 3, a leadership development course offered at our church. For me, the things I learned and the relationships I made were priceless. It was a big weekly commitment of about 5-8 hours a week and was worth every hour! I was in a very high caliaber group of folks whom I admire greatly for the unique way they follow Christ with their life. What a blessing they have all been to me!

35 weeks

All clear! The Dr. gave me the all clear if I went into labor after I hit 35 weeks they will not stop the labor! yay! I am 9 months on June 18! Here is the lastest tummy shot!

Ali and Jayden

So, we got Jayden his ford and within days he had friends riding. Here is Ali and Jayden taking a spin!